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FŁT Kraśnik S.A. was established in 1948 and is the largest manufacturer of roller and ball bearings in Poland

Kraśnik has a thriving food processing industry thanks to the availability of local farm products

A great place to live, a great place to invest

Investment Zone Kraśnik


Municipal Office, the City of Krasnik
Business Service Center
ul. Lubelska 84
23-200 Krasnik
tel: (+48) 81 825 15 20
fax: (+48) 81 825 27 09

Tender procedures in TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN

Tax-exempt business operation within Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN is subject to obtaining a permit to operate in the zone issued by the zone's management, Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu (Industrial Development Agency) on behalf of the Ministry of Economy (legal basis – the regulations of the Ministry of Economy and Labor about tenders and assessing business projects to be carried out at TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN of November 15, 2004 – Dziennik Ustaw [Journal of Laws] No 254, Item 2549 with later amendments).

Joint tenders are initiated based on public invitations. The management publishes the invitation to tender in the press, as well on the Zone's website in Polish and in one of the languages used in international commerce. In the case of a business owner applying for the permit to operate and the right to purchase the property, a joint tender is carried out by the Zone's management.

Detailed TSSE investment procedure – tender

1. The investor showing interest in launching business operations in the Zone must submit a preliminary declaration providing the basic data related to the nature of the business and the land area required. The initial declaration must contain the sector in which the business operates, basic description of goods and services to be manufactured/delivered within the Zone (using PKWiU - Polish Classification of Goods and Services ), projected date of launching business operations, estimate of number of new jobs to be created, estimate of investment expenditure, land area required for operations and estimate for the use of utilities,including water, electricity and refuse disposal.
2. Based on the initial declaration the Zone's management will offer locations within the Zone that best suit the needs of the investor.
3. The next stage is the information exchange between the investor and the Zone's management to specify the required parameters of technical infrastructure and to pass them on to the technical media providers.
4. The business owner submits "The Investor's Letter of Intent" to the Zone's management, which is a formal requirement for participation in the tender process. The Letter of Intent form can be obtained from the Zone's management.
5. The management initiates work required to prepare the property according to the investor's specification. At this stage the division or merging of land plots (if required) is performed. The management also offers support and assistance in the investor's contacts with technical media providers.
6. The next stage is publishing of the invitation to joint tender by the Zone's management (granting permit to operate plus the sale of property). The invitation to tender is published as an announcement in daily press. Each property is considered a separate item in the joint tender procedure. The property may be one or several plots of land.
7. After the invitation to tender has been published the investors showing interest in the participation can purchase from the Zone's management "The Specification of the Tender's Significant Terms and Conditions". The specification is the formal basis for drafting an offer.
8. In order to participate in the tender the investor must submit a written offer in Polish. The offer must contain all documents required by the "Specification of the Tender's Significant Terms and Conditions", including the business plan and the relevant documents from ZUS (Social Security Office) and US (Tax Office).Posting a tender bond is a prerequisite to participation in the tender. The bond is calculated for each property separately and is published in the "Specification of the Tender's Significant Terms and Conditions".
9. The tender is launched when at least one offer has been submitted. The tender is run on behalf of the Zone's management by a Tender Commission consisting of at least four members. The Commission evaluates the submitted offers based on the criteria included in the regulation published by the Ministry of Economy on November 15, 2004 about tenders and assessing business projects to be carried out at TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN of November 15, 2004 – Dziennik Ustaw [Journal of Laws] No. 254, Item 2549 with later amendments). The tender is considered closed when the final conditions of business operations to be carried out by the investor are settled and after the payment of the property purchase price (or the first installment, if the installment payment plan has been agreed upon).
10. The Zone's management grants the permit to operate in the Zone subject to conditions negotiated during the tender procedure. The permit is valid for a specific period of time, i.e. until December 31, 2026. Foreign investors must obtain the permission to acquire the property from the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs to be eligible for the permit to operate in the Zone.
11. The final stage is handing the property over to the investor. This is formally done by drafting and signing of the legal deed at the Notary Public's office.

Property sales procedure

1. The sales of land and property owned by the city of Kraśnik is administered by Wydział Planowania Przestrzennego i Gospodarki Mieniem Gminnym (Planning and Municipal Property Management Department).
2. The sales or perpetual lease procedure is initiated by the applicant or by law.
3. Prior to the sale the land needs to be categorized in accordance with the City of Kraśnik Land Use Plan. If required, the procedure takes about two months.
4. The project of the ruling confirming the intention to sell is submitted to the City Council for approval (1 month).
5. Chartered surveyor then performs the valuation estimate of the property and submits the report for final valuation (1 month).
6. A list of properties to be sold or offered under perpetual lease conditions is then assembled and displayed in the Municipal Office for 21 days. The list is also published on the Office website and in the press.
7. The above list also contains the deadline for applications to buy by individuals who have priority in purchasing the property pursuant to Article 34, Item 1, Points 1 and 2 of the Act regulating property management (three weeks).
8. The announcement of sale by tender is then prepared , which must be made public at least thirty days prior to the tender's date. In the case of property whose starting bid is above 100 000 euros, the announcement must be published at least two months prior to the tender's date.
9. If the property is to be leased under perpetual lease arrangement, the initial payment and annual fee are collected:
I. Initial payment is set at 25 percent of the winning bid and must be payed in full, no later than two days after the signing of the lease agreement.
II. Annual fee is set at 3 percent of the winning bid and is payable throughout the life of the lease, payable by March 31 of each year, up front for the entire year.
III. The annual fee for perpetual lease of the property may be adjusted not more often than every three years if the value of the property has changed. The fee is not payable for the year in which the perpetual lease agreement went into effect.
The schedule for the land use is as follows:

construction must begin no later than one year after the agreement was signed.
construction must be completed no later than three years after the agreement was signed.
10. The sale is subject to 23 percent VAT.
11. The current property prices within Tarnobrzeska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN (Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone) are around PLN 26 per square meter (plot No. 440/7, 0.638 hectars, Budzyń area).
12. Tender bond paid in by the winning bidder will count against the property price. All other bonds will be refunded within three days of the tender's closure.
13. The protocol of the bidding is then prepared, which forms the basis for the drafting of the sales documents.

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