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FŁT Kraśnik S.A. was established in 1948 and is the largest manufacturer of roller and ball bearings in Poland

Kraśnik has a thriving food processing industry thanks to the availability of local farm products

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Municipal Office, the City of Krasnik
Business Service Center
ul. Lubelska 84
23-200 Krasnik
tel: (+48) 81 825 15 20
fax: (+48) 81 825 27 09

Economic potential

The City of Kraśnik's economy is largely based on industrial production and processing. Also significant are metal production, printing and farming sectors, as well as services and retail. Among the city's largest employers are Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych S. A. and Tsubaki Hoover Polska. Kraśnik is also home to a number of construction companies, transportation firms and others. Of note is also a chain of local brickyards, which have been a staple of local economy for years. The brickyards produce traditional, hand-formed red bricks using local resources of clay.

Farming industry flourishes in the rural areas around the city thanks to good quality soils and pollution-free, unspoiled environment. This is where some of Poland's best fruit and vegetables are grown, including raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries.

A short characteristic of major companies operating in the City of Kraśnik

Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych – Kraśnik S. A.

logo ZXY FLT KrasnikThe company has been manufacturing ball bearings since 1948 and is currently the largest ball bearing plant in Poland.

The company manufactures a wide variety of bearings, including self-aligning ball bearings, single and double row tapered bearings and thrust ball bearings. The company also manufactures custom roll and ball bearings made to specifications provided by customers, mainly auto industry.

The company is Poland's sole manufacturer of oversize bearings measuring up to 1500 mm in diameter. The FŁT's product catalog includes over 1500 items.

In addition to roller and ball bearings, the company also produces a range of semi-finished products, including heat-forged and pressed metal elements using the AMP-70 industrial press. Other products include high-speed, precision grinding spindles, bearing repair kits and a variety of industrial tools.

Tsubaki-Hoover Polska

logoThe company launched its Kraśnik plant on March 3, 2003 after 100 percent shares held by Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych were acquired by the U.S. HPP Holdings, Inc. It is now part of a global group of companies specializing in manufacturing of roller elements – the Japanese Tsubaki Group. The Kraśnik plant manufactures chrome steel balls as well as needle bearings for automotive and ball bearing industries. Their characteristic features include smooth surface, hardness and the capability to carry high loads thanks to new through hardening technology. The best quality steel is used for balls production coming only from verified sources that meet high quality requirements. High quality of the products is guaranteedby by statistical process control (SPC) introduced for all production processes.

The comapny's workforce consists of over 450 people, making Tsubaki-Hoover Polska one of the largest employers in the city. In 2005 the company was awarded the title of the "Investor of the Year in Lublin Region".

P.P.W. NABOR G. Naborczyk

logo naborThe company is an industry leader in manufacturing rubber and rubber-metal products. Established in 1983, the company grew quickly and in 1990 obtained the status of an innovation and technology implementation entity in the area of tools and technology in rubber products. Over the years the company has been constantly improving rubber processing technologies by implementing the in-house research and development projects. The company's product line includes precision-made elements for roll bearing industry and automotive sector, as well as a wide range of rubber compound elements used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The company introduced quality management and control systems to ensure the highest possible quality of the products. NABOR has its own design center, tool shops, very well-equipped chemical laboratory and measurment facility.

NABOR is a solid trade partner offering not only high quality products, but also competitve pricing.


wodbud100Although formally established in 1988, the company continues the tradition of a family business first set up in 1920 that has been constructing water intake stations in eastern Poland for three generations.

The company's founder was Edward Smętny-Sowa, who owned a locksmith shop in Kraśnik. The company started drilling water wells in eastern Poland, mainly in Wolyn region (today's Ukraine). The company's core business has been continued over the following two generations.

In 1988 the limited company was established and changed its name to Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Wodno-Budowlanych WOD-BUD Sp. z o.o.

Since 1920 the company has drilled hundreds of wells and constructed water intake stations, in addition to installing hundreds of kilometers of water mains, building pumping stations and water treatment plants. Other services include waste management and construction work. The company offers design and project implementation services in the following fields:

sanitation engineering
road construction
environmental protection
waste management
The core business focuses on the construction of water pipelines, drainage systems, sewage treatment plants, roads, waste management plants.

The company's highly qualified personnel and modern equipment help to maintain its solid market position.

Zakłady Poligraficzne AJG

AJG LOGOAJG is a family printing and packaging manufacturing business run by Anna and Janusz Genej. The company was established on April 25, 1986. Current operations include a packaging plant Zakład Produkcji Opakowań No1 and No 2 in Kraśnik. The company has a status of a supported employment enterprise and employs some 190 people. AJG manufactures high quality packaging and printing products and has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Certificate and ISO 15378:2007 GMP Certificate. The company specializes in production of cardboard packaging for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food processing industries. The packaging may be supplemented by hot stamping or with a UV coating and also stamped with Braille alphabet markings. The company also offers printing services,including brochures, stationery, leaflets, ephemera items (including blocks). Other services include production of a wide range of promotional materials (catalogs, folders, calendars), as well as display stands and wobblers. AJG also specializes in custom, hand-made orders offering comprehensive service from the design stage to the finished product. The company also offers consulting services in project design and implementation.

ORTIS S C Anna Janik Piotr Janik

OrtisThe company has been offering doors and window frames and associated accessories since 1999. Among the company's key products are plastic windows and internal doors from leading Polish manufacturers. ORTIS is a re-seller of products by leading brands, including Vetrex, Agmar, Porta, Pol-skone and many others. Also on offer and window sills , blinds and a wide range of accessories. The company provides dedicated parking for customers and their own transport to deliver the product to the customer.


Nowe LogoCSW1The company was established in 1991, but has been operating under its current name since 1993. CARSYSTEM is a distributor of auto and industrial paints and associated tools and equipment. They stock major brands, including IVAT, DUPONT, GLASURIT, R-M BASF, WALCOM, REDCAR , SIA, SUNMIGHT, 3M, TEROSON, RETEL CAR, OMIA, SECOMAT, DYNABRADE, HAMACH and SMIRDEX. Since 1992 the company has been focusing on developing their client base among car paint shops and industrial customers. Also in 1992 the company launched a paint mixing facility using the French R – M technology. In 1998 the CARSYSTEM was awarded the title of the "Best R-M Distributor in Poland". The turning point was a partnership agreement with the Italian company IVAT, which was signed in 1999. As of 2006 150 IVAT paint mixing facilities have been launched throughout Poland. The company has branches in all major Polish cities and delivers products to some 350 paint shops and industrial clients around the country. There are also CARSERWIS branches in Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic. In 1999 the auto industry media named CARSERWIS the best automotive company in Lublin region.
The Company's mission statement:
Since 1991 CARSYSTEM-WSCHÓD has been providing its customers with the highest quality products to benefit their own business operations. We assist our partner by providing professional advice and constantly searching better, more efficient ways to operate. We want to set high standards for the paint industry and become a model company to be followed by others.

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