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FŁT Kraśnik S.A. was established in 1948 and is the largest manufacturer of roller and ball bearings in Poland

Kraśnik has a thriving food processing industry thanks to the availability of local farm products

A great place to live, a great place to invest

Investment Zone Kraśnik


Municipal Office, the City of Krasnik
Business Service Center
ul. Lubelska 84
23-200 Krasnik
tel: (+48) 81 825 15 20
fax: (+48) 81 825 27 09


necessary for submitting an application for a permit to do business in the
Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone "EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN"

The business plan shall be made in Polish in writing and numerical data shall be presented
in Polish zloty.
The business plan shall consist of two parts:
I. Information about the business activity conducted by the entrepreneur.
II. Information about the project to be implemented in the TSSE "EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN".

The first part of the offer shall include information about current business activity*:

1. type of organization and legal status of the enterprise which applies for a permit,
2. history of the enterprise,
3. business activity of the enterprise conducted so far,
4. financial and economic standing of the enterprise,
5. financial results achieved for the last 3 years.

The second part of the offer shall include information about the project to be implemented in the TSSE "EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN."

 Defining the idea, objectives and strategy of the project (synthesis),
 Particulars of the enterprise:
address of the enterprise,
type of organization and legal status of the enterprise,
description of the location of the enterprise,
assets of the enterprise.
 Description of production:
type of planned business activity according to PKWIU [Polish Classification of Goods and Services] (a four-digit code),
description of products,
description of planned technologies and their impact on the environment,
description of the innovative character of the technological process or product (preferably confirmed by an appropriate institute or academic center).
 Structure and description of the market:
estimated current size of the market,
how the market has developed and the possibilities for development in the future,
location of the markets and product consumers (domestic, foreign),
analysis of the main competitors,
the SWOT analysis.-
 The investment schedule:
planned investment program,
planned investment cost (in terms of value and time**),
estimated time of completion of the investment in the Zone**,
estimated cost of implementation'
organization and employment (defining planned increase in employment in the particular years) - full-time jobs**,
maximum qualified costs of the investment and qualified labor costs over two years**,
description of participation in creation and modernization of economic infrastructure in the Zone,
description of participation in economic relations, including cooperation with entrepreneurs operating in the country.
 Project financing:
description of project financing (own funds, external financing),
financial cost of the project (payment of installments and interest on bank loans),
evidence of possibility of obtaining external financing and access to own funds.-
 Economic and financial analysis of the project:
plan of production and sales (value, amount),
list of costs (including a division into overhead cost and variable cost),
working capital needs,
assessment of the investment project (payback period, net present value and internal rate of return),
projected of balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow for at least 5 years in accordance with the standards stipulated in The Accounting Act,
profitability index (profitability of sales, assets and basic capital), liquidity ratio (current and quick), liability ratio (total debt and basic capital).
1. Notarized deed of company formation or deed of partnership.
2. Current copy of entry into KRS [National Court Register] or a certificate of entry into Ewidencja Działalności Gospodarczej [The Business Activity Register].
3. Certificate of granting the REGON number [National Business Registry Number].
4. Decision on granting the NIP [Tax ID Number] number and the registration in the VAT tax register.
5. Financial statements – balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow for the past 3 years at least.
6. Certificate of payment of financial obligations due to Tax Office, Urząd Gminy [Commune Office] and Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych [Social Insurance Institution].
7. Title deed of fixed property or another proof of legal right to property located in the Zone designated for conducting business operations in accordance with the permit for business activities and information about other property used for business operations.
8. Environmental protection permits and decisions issued by relevant authorities related to the environmental impact of the business operations.
9. Concessions or licenses to conduct business subject to concession regulations, pursuant to Freedom of Business Activity Act.
10. Documentation demonstrating innovative nature of the project.
11. Information showing the fulfillment of one of the "incentive effect" criteria listed in Art. 8, Item 3 of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 800/2008 of August 6, 2008 accepting certain forms of aid as conforming to the common market rules as described in Articles 87 and 88 of the Treaty (general ordinance on block exclusions), or, in the case of small or medium-size companies, an affidavit stating that the applicant has not started work on the project prior to applying for assistance.
12. A form containing collective information concerning aid granted to big investment projects whose value exceeds EUR 50 M, which constitutes Annex #2 to Commission Regulation (EC) No 800/2008 of August 6, 2008.
13. A written statement on whether the tenderer is a foreigner as defined by Act on Purchase of Fixed Property by Foreigners.
14. A written statement on whether the tenderer is a "small", "medium" or "large" entrepreneur as defined by current legal regulations.
15. A statement of the impact of the business operations on the environment.
16. Declaration of the applicant to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Zone.

* in the case of entrepreneurs who are a new business entity and will conduct business on the basis of a license it s necessary to provide information about project promoter (parent company or an enterprise/person providing project financing).
** data concerning a forecast of employment, amount of capital expenditures and the date of completion of the project presented in the business plan will be the basis for setting the conditions for conducting business operations in the Zone.

Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA w Warszawie Oddział w Tarnobrzegu
[Industry Development Agency S.A. in Warsaw, Branch in Tarnobrzeg]
ul. Zakładowa 48
39-405 Tarnobrzeg 4

Tel./Fax. 15 822 9999, 15 822 9900, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Lubelskiego na lata 2007-2013 Dofinansowanie

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