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FŁT Kraśnik S.A. was established in 1948 and is the largest manufacturer of roller and ball bearings in Poland

Kraśnik has a thriving food processing industry thanks to the availability of local farm products

A great place to live, a great place to invest

Investment Zone Kraśnik


Municipal Office, the City of Krasnik
Business Service Center
ul. Lubelska 84
23-200 Krasnik
tel: (+48) 81 825 15 20
fax: (+48) 81 825 27 09

Professional service

As part of their pro-investment efforts and to provide comprehensive, professional support services for the investors interested in launching business operations in the city, the municipal authorities launched a Business Service Center. The Center's key objectives include stimulation of economic growth in the city of Kraśnik and promotion of the city as a business and investment friendly destination.

In our city the contacts between the local government and investors do not terminate at the point of granting the permit to conduct business operations. Business owners can expect on-going, professional assistance throughout the life of the investment process.

In the early stages of the process we offer direct support, connected with the launching of the investment project. This includes:

providing assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and documentation,
initiating contacts with local business institutions,
providing assistance in negotiations with the media providers and mediation services should conflicts arise in execution of the investment project,
providing analysis of the degree of investor's compliance with the declared investment obligations made during negotiations with the city.

In addition to direct support, the city offers a range of indirect tools, which include:

support in sourcing and training of workforce
facilitating contacts with potential local subcontractors.

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Lubelskiego na lata 2007-2013 Dofinansowanie

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