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The Rules and Regulations for Tarnobrzeska Specjalna Strefa

[The Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN]

Adopted on May 26, 2011 by Ruling No. 469/XXI of ARPS S.A. [Agency for Industry Development]

Pursuant to Art. 10 Section 2 of Act of 20 October 1994 on Special Economic Zones
(Journal of Law No. 123 Item 600, as amended) the following Rules and Regulations
shall apply to the Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN

Chapter 1
General provisions

Art. 1

1. The Rules and Regulations determine the management procedures applied in the
Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN, referred to as „the
Zone" below by Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. [ Agency for Industry Development
S.A.] in Warsaw, referred to as "the Manager" below.

Chapter 2
Rights and responsibilities of the Manager

Art. 2

1. While managing the Zone, the Manager is in particular responsible for carrying out the following activities:

1) conduct tenders or negotiations in order to determine the entrepreneurs who will
be granted a permit to conduct business activity in the Zone,
2) grant, on behalf of the Minister of Economy, permits to conduct business activity in the Zone and make current inspections of entrepreneurs' business activity, pursuant to the ordinance of the Ministry of Economy issued on July 21, 2009 granting the Agency for Industry Development the right to issue permits for business activities in the Zone,
3) offer opinions to the Ministry of Economy whenever a decision on withdrawing or amending of permits must be made,
4) keep a register of entrepreneurs who conduct business activity in the Zone,
5) exercise the right of preemption concerning property rights and obtaining the right to perpetual lease of fixed property situated in the Zone, as long as it is in keeping with the statutory role of the Zone and aligned with the Zone's development policy,
6) exercise the rights to purchase property and obtaining the right to perpetual lease in cases listed in Article 5, Item 2 of the Act,
7) exercise the right to obtain perpetual lease of the property and the right of preemption pursuant to Article 8, Item 2 of the Act, in order to make it available later to entrepreneurs,
8) conduct preparations for the sale of property and carry out tenders on behalf of entities listed in Article 5, Item 3 and Article 8, Item 4 of the Act who have ownership rights of the property,
9) create conditions for efficient use of industrial and technical infrastructure,
10) construction, within allocated funds, of structures for use by entrepreneurs and construction, or participation in construction of the necessary technical infrastructure on the property owned by the Manager or for which the Manager has perpetual lease rights,

2. The manager may conduct negotiations and tenders over sale, perpetual lease or or subordinate use of property not belonging to the Manager and located in the Zone, pursuant to separate agreements. The manager will charge a fee for provision of such services.

Art. 3

1. The collection of information mentioned in Art. 2, Item 1, point 4 is performed for the following purposes:
1) updating the property database (land survey data, plot area),
2) carrying out the Zone's information services,
3) maintaining a database of entrepreneurs conducting business in the Zone based on obtained permits, containing in particular information on the size of the investment project and employment levels, which is necessary for creation of the Zone's quarterly statements pursuant to the ordinance mentioned in Art. 2, Item 1, point 2.
4) calculating amounts payable as fees mentioned in Art. 2, Item 1, point 2.
2. Entrepreneurs conducting business in the Zone are obligated to make known to the Manager all activities undertaken in the Zone in as far as it is necessary for the execution of the Manager statutory duties.

Chapter 3
Use of media and other elements of infrastructure

Art. 4

1. Entrepreneurs who do business in the Zone shall be provided with access to electrical energy, natural gas, water, and thermal energy, telecommunication services, sewage lines and to other elements of the existing infrastructure, subject to conditions agreed upon with the suppliers.
2. Contracts for supply of services mentioned in Item 1 may be subject to construction of additional infrastructure, depending on the property's location. Contracts for disposal of rain water, household and industrial sewage waste may require the construction of sewage treatment facilities or other suitable facilities.
3. The cost of connection to the infrastructure is the responsibility of the entrepreneur, unless the contract with the supplier states otherwise.
4. Entrepreneurs who are in charge of land and infrastructure in the Zone shall provide other entrepreneurs doing business in the Zone with the necessary easement of the infrastructure.

Art. 5

The projects for infrastructure extensions and the plans for the use of land, including architectural design of structures in which business activities will be conducted, shall be submitted by the investors to the Manager to assure their adherence to the Zone's development plan.

Chapter 4
Protection of the Zone's natural environment.

Art. 6

1. The Manager, when required by public administration agencies, may issue opinions concerning the applications by enterpreneurs for a decision on admissibility of air pollution emissions.
2. Entrepreneurs who do business in the Zone and have obtained a decision on admissibility of air pollution emissions from administrative authorities shall present the decision to the Manager.

Art. 7

1. Entrepreneurs and other people shall keep the roads, squares, pedestrian paths and greens which belong to them or of which they are perpetual users or dependent holders in proper condition.
2. Owners, perpetual users and dependent holders shall be responsible for protection of their land and facilities situated in the Zone.

Art. 8

Entrepreneurs who have ceased business operations in the Zone shall be responsible for repairing all damage that resulted from those operations and to re-cultivate the land pursuant to separate regulations.

Chapter 5
Costs associated with the administration of the Zone and maintenance of the infrastructure

Art. 9

1. Entrepreneurs who have a permit and do business in the Zone shall participate in the costs incurred by the Manager and the entities hired by the Manager to provide services in connection with the administration of the Zone.
2. Principles of participation in the cost referred to in Item 1 shall be determined by the Manager based on size of the area occupied by the entrepreneur, employment, average remuneration figures published in Monitor Polski by GUS [Chief Statistical Office], or using flat rate values. The principles shall form part of the Specification of the Significant Conditions of the tender or negotiations issued during the process of selecting entrepreneurs who will be issued permits to operate in the Zone.
3. Owners, perpetual lease holders and dependent owners of property within the Zone who do not have the permit for business operations in the Zone, but use the Zone's technical infrastructure, shall participate in the costs of maintenance of such infrastructure based on separate agreements.

Art. 10

1. Administrative costs of the Zone include:
1) providing information services and maintenance of databases,
2) sharing of information with the permit holders to facilitate the execution of their business activities in keeping with the permits' conditions,
3) promotion of businesses operating in the Zone at trade fairs attended by the Manager and in publicity materials published by the Manager,
4) maintenance of infrastructure owned by the Manager or made available to the Manager under provisions of separate agreements where the responsibilty to bear the costs of such maintenance is stipulated,
5) other activities associated with the Zone's administration.
2. The costs mentioned in Item 1, point 4 do not include the maintenance of parts of infrastructure located in Podstrefa [Sub-zone] Wrocław-Kobierzyce, which is regulated by separate agreements signed with the Manager.
3. The costs mentioned in Art. 9, Item 3 include all costs incurred by the Manager in relation to the maintenance and use of the infrastructure owned by the Manager or made available to the Manager under provisions of separate agreements, wherever the responsibility to bear such costs is stipulated.

Art. 11

The costs referred to in Art. 10 do not include the costs of expert opinions,
appraisals, analysis and other documentation created for individual entrepreneurs who do business in the Zone.

Art. 12

The amounts due in association with the costs mentioned in Art. 10 are payable monthly under the provisions of agreements signed with the Manager.

Chapter 6
Final provisions

Art. 13

The Rules and Regulations of the Tarnobrzeska Special Economic Zone EURO-
PARK WISŁOSAN approved by the Ministry of Economy on September 10, 2002 is hereby no longer valid.

Art. 14

The Rules and Regulations become effective o the day of approval by the Ministry of Economy.

Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Lubelskiego na lata 2007-2013 Dofinansowanie

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